Victoria’s Keepsakes
Vicki & Tom Leckie
P.O. Box 401545
Redford MI 48240

phone: (313) 399-3611
fax: (313) 216-1724

About Us

Victoria’s Keepsakes was established in 1989 and covers the Midwest territory of  Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin, through participation in all viable markets within the territory, as well as, road work to assure our accounts receive the customer service they deserve, and to promote and market our select companies.

What began as a business adventure encouraged by my husband to pursue my multifaceted interests: from design and marketing, to seasonal display merchandising for over 6 stores per season, to owning for 15 years a gift showroom where I hired, trained, and managed a staff of over 10 sales people.  It was during showroom ownership that my husband quit his job to join me, where hand in hand we grew in our skills and strength of credible companies to represent.    Our showroom always had children’s gifts, however, when our daughter  became pregnant with our first grandchild it was not difficult to make the decision to transition completely over into children’s apparel so that we would have the opportunity to attire any grandchildren to come, to be dressed in the fashion we deemed as essential to life!

It took a good year of serious thought after January 19, 1999, when we lost our daughter during childbirth, as well, as our first grandchild, to determine if the division of children’s apparel was truly where we wanted to be.  It was through this and because of this, that we have since only sought out companies to represent that we believe are the best of the best – and would be good enough for our daughter and our grandchildren.  The heart of the matter is that that day took us from being sales people, to a close knit family business with our son and daughter-in-law providing technical and marketing support with each of our accounts considered also as a very viable part of our family.

We are selective as to who we even approach to represent and pride ourselves in representing companies that stand out above in rest in quality, design, and integrity.   We welcome you to review the special companies we represent, and look forward to the opportunity to have you become part of our family.

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