Ohio Children’s Apparel Market

To Our Buyers:

The Ohio Children’s Apparel Market (OCAM) was founded more than 65 years ago. This organization has been a functioning group of independent sales representatives for all those years. It is an organization of independent sales representatives specializing in the selling of children’s apparel, accessories, shoes and books. OCAM conducts two shows a year. Our shows are held in February and September at the Embassy Suites in Dublin, Ohio (just outside of Columbus,Ohio) This venue allows for comfortable and private shopping for the buyers. Our reps are allowed to showcase their goods in displays outside of the entrance of their showroom.


  • Coffee and muffins in the morning
  • Coffee and bottled water throughout the day
  • A catered lunch daily
  • Special hotel rates for buyers
  • An in depth show book for each show
  • E-mail marketing, show date reminders and an online link to each show book.

When you attend your local shows it gives you the opportunity to work with your local sales reps who better understand your area and your needs. Building a relationship with your local representative is a valuable tool to the success and growth of your business.

Betty Cooley

Mart Manager
Ohio Children’s Apparel Market


2018 Shows

February 17 and 18
September 15 and 16
Embassy Suites/Dublin
5100 Upper Metro Pl.
Dublin, Ohio 43017

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